Raghav Sood

Raghav Sood

I have over 11 years of experience in building things, ranging from the web to mobile to specialized tools for automation and more. I currently work in the blockchain space as an engineer at Coinhako.

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Coinhako date_range July 2017 - Present

Engineer location_on Singapore

I work on a wide variety of things, such as infrastructure, security, project management, Android, and most other things in bits and pieces.

ethereum bitcoin android elk aws server-administration git git-hooks automated-testing continuous-integration circle-ci security bash golang

Groupon date_range May 2016 - Aug 2016

Android Core Team location_on Palo Alto, California

My work ranged from working on the Android App itself, to working on tools used by the Android team. I worked on performance and regression testing, git workflow hooks (pre-push test to ensure code quality and style), devops such as automated CI builds, tests, and performance tests. I also worked on deploying and maintaining build servers, docker images, ansible playbooks, and pitched in with general development tasks such as automation and scripting.

android ansible docker bash server-administration git git-hooks automated-testing continuous-integration jenkins

Appaholics date_range Apr 2012 - Present

CEO/Founder location_on Wherever I am

Appaholics is a company I founded at the age of 15. It offers many services, such as consulting, contract development, and its own offering of Android applications.

Economics Dept. UNC Chapel Hill date_range Aug 2015 - Present

Fullstack Developer location_on Chapel Hill, North Carolina

In a project in collaboration with Airports Council International - North America (ACI-NA), I developed the entire survey system to survey all major North American airports on various metrics. This involved setting up and maintaining the server, backend and database, sending out and tracking survey emails, and frontend. Future work includes graphing and visualising the collected data.

The project is under Prof. Jonathan Wallace Williams at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

node.js mongodb ssl server-administration vps ubuntu python javascript jquery

HackIndia date_range Dec 2014 - Present

Cofounder location_on Delhi, India

Cofounded HackIndia, which hosted India's largest student Hackathon in 2015, attended by over 800 students from across India, as well as a few international teams.

OKS Group date_range Jan 2014 - Apr 2014

Android Consultant location_on Delhi, India

Worked on developing an Android app and MathJax rendering library for delivery of the Indian CBSE high school curriculum using low cost Android tablets across India.

android mathjax opengl webservices

Meta date_range Jun 2013 - Jul 2014

Software and Embedded Systems Engineer location_on Portola Valley, California

I worked on porting the Android OS to NVIDIA hardware, SDK development, hardware prototyping and assembly, and application development for the META augmented reality glasses.

android android-native cuda opengl microcontrollers hardware-design product-design machine-learning computer-vision opencv date_range May 2013 - Jun 2013

Android Developer location_on Palo Alto, California

Worked on developing the initial Android app for's existing web platform.

android webservices


Pro Android Augmented Reality date_no_range

A book I authored at the age of 15 on Augmented Reality development with mobile devices, specifically Android. The book is published by Apress, and covers everything from the basics of Augmented Reality, to marker detection, and 3D rendering.

android opencv opengl android-native c c++ computer-vision

Quick Keyboard Switch date_no_range

An Android app that allows multilingual users to quickly change keyboards by simply clicking a notification instead of going through a 7-10 step process via the phone settings.

100,000+ downloads


Analysis of Security Issues in India's Voter IDs date_no_range

I access the Voter ID records for several states in India, and analysed them to find voter IDs that didn't follow the correct ID format, exposing a potential lack of failsafes against fake voters or duplicate voters within the election system.

python pdf-parsing ocr automation scripting bash

AndroidCircularSeekBar date_no_range

An open-source Android view library that allows you to easily add a circular seekbar component to your Android app.

android android-view

Facebook Message Scraper date_no_range

A simple python script to download the entire conversation from Facebook, not limited to the last 10,000 such as in the data dump provided by Facebook.

python facebook facebook-graph-api

Unseen date_no_range

Unseen is a simple Chrome extension that quietly disables the "Seen at" notification in Facebook messages on and, allowing you to check your messages without the sender knowing when you've read them.

140,000+ installs

javascript facebook facebook-graph-api chrome-extension

TypeEasy date_no_range

Hackathon project from YHack 2015 that aims to help visually impaired users with typing on smartphones. We developed a keyboard that automatically removes keys that can not be used in the current word, and uses the extra space to enlarge the remaining keys, while maintaining a QWERTY layout.

In collaboration with Vishal Rohra.

android language-processing human-computer-interaction

Project Tango Localization date_no_range

A TreeHacks 2016 project that uses two Project Tango devices to sync up their camera feeds and localize their locations with respect to one another, allowing for simultaneous and synchronized projection of virtual objects on both devices.

In collaboration with Sean Kirmani, Sara Xiang, and Jeanette Pranin.

android augmented-reality tango server-administration hyperlocalization

Caption date_no_range

Caption is a first-prize winning application at the Global Startup Fund Hackathon that provides real-time captions for conversations as they take place through an augmented reality medium such as Google Glass, or on your smartphone. The aim was to aid hearing impaired users understand conversation better, without sacrificing being present in the moment.

In collaboration with Kshitij Kumar.

android augmented-reality speech-to-text realtime

Phill Me In date_no_range

Phill Me In is a web application that rates locations in Philadelphia based on a number of factors. The data is mostly from the OpenDataPhilly portal, which has collections of CSV's filled with the city's data. However, this data is not easily accessible to most people; it's tedious to filter through relevant datasets, and further, make sense of latitudes, longitudes, and figure out what's really around you.

In collaboration with Vishal Rohra and Karun Singh.

php mysql d3.js data-processing jquery

Piler date_no_range

Piler is project from HackGT 2015 that attempts to compress your data using Pi. It does so by finding a sequence of digits in Pi that represents a portion of your data, and storing the location of the first digit, followed by the length of the sequence. Theoretically, since Pi is exoected to contain every combination of digits, any data can be represented by storing the location of the first digit of the sequence in Pi, and the length of the sequence, allowing for amazing compression.

python circles

Flashlight for BlackBerry 10 date_no_range

The first flashlight application for BlackBerry 10, with 50,000+ installs.

c c++ qt


TEDxEMWS date_range Feb 2014

TEDx presentation delivered at École Mondiale World School

Chandigarh date_range Nov 2013

Talks delivered to ~500 students at the Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology and MCM College for Women

NASSCOM Product Conclave - Under 16 Panel date_range Nov 2012

Panel discussion at the NASSCOM Product Conclace about the experiences of young achievers.

Hack&Roll 2017 - Android Workshop date_range Jan 2017

Delivered a workshop at Hack&Roll 2017 at National University of Singapore on how to build Android apps, encompassing SDK set up, a simple app, handling permissions in Android 6.0+, using Google Play Services, setting up multidexing, and Q&A on project specific questions by hackathon attendees.

HackDFW 2016 - Android Workshop date_range Apr 2016

Delivered a workshop at HackDFW 2016 on how to build Android apps, encompassing SDK set up, a simple app, and Q&A on project specific questions by hackathon attendees.

Pearl Hacks 2016 - Web Development Workshop date_range Apr 2016

Delivered a workshop at Pearl Hacks 2016 on web development, encompassing creating a virtual private server, installing Node.js, and creating a simple app that authenticates with your Twitter account, and posts a Tweet.

MHacks 2015 - Android Development Workshop date_range Sep 2015

Delivered a workshop at MHacks 2015 on Android development, covering how to set up the Android SDK, and create a basic app that used Android layouts and views, the network APIs, and how to respond to user events such as touches.


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